LF Solutions provides you with a first class business support service without the overhead costs of employing additional staff. 

Offering a wide range of solutions enabling you and your business to save considerable time dealing with administrative responsibilities.  LF Solutions is flexible and adapts to your needs, giving you the opportunity to focus your energies on your core business. Quality is paramount and we deliver a totally dependable and professional experience.

We offer your organisation the skills, experience, flexibility and commitment to work for you outside the normal, restrictive office boundaries which can be so vital in today's competitive business world.  We are able to offer you support for one-off assignments, occasional tasks or develop a longer term business relationship.


what can we do for you?

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Benefits to you

·            you only pay for the actual time worked.

·            you may require only a few hours support every day, week, month or even year!

·            we give your business the power to flex up and down in response to increased demands.

·            secretarial or administrative support that is not bound to traditional office hours.

·            less expensive than a full or part-time employee; no need for organising tax deductions,
NI contributions, holiday pay, sick pay or office space and equipment .

·            we’re only a phone call away…….


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